10801787_1038968356117428_9008895591885944026_nBlogging has always been one of the things that I’ve really wanted to do, but I’ve just never really know how or where to start. Now that I have finally found my way into starting this journey, I think it’s high time that I told you a little something about myself.

I have been a bit of a lone wolf for as long as I can remember and it used to bother me a lot, but over time I have realized that I like it that way and that I don’t need a million friends to be happy or feel complete.
Creativity has also always been a big part of my life. My parents raised my sister and I with all kinds of music and I have been singing ever since I was able to.

It was during primary school that I grew a love for writing, drawing and reading, because I was alone most of the time, but it was alright as long as I could be creative.
I’ve tried blogging before and I have always failed, but this time it feels like it’s going to be something special.
So I have decided to take you on a journey. The journey of my life.

On this blog I will share things that I experience. I will share my thoughts and opinions with you and whatever else comes to mind. So sit back, relax and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this journey as much as I know I will enjoy sharing it with you.

– Johnlockian


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