I love to travel, but sadly it is not something that I get to do a lot, so there are not that many trips I can talk about. However, there are two trips in my life that I would consider the best ones. The first one is my school trip to Berlin on my first year of HF, which was amazing. It was also my first time ever in Berlin and I fell in love with the city immediately. I might do a post about my trip there if there should be an interest in it.


The one I consider my absolute favorite trip was my trip to Nuuk, Greenland last summer. It was also my first trip ever there and I was so nervous. Because I have this really intense fear of flying as well as a fear of heights and I did panic when we took off from Copenhagen.  The other reason for my being nervous was because I was going to meet my family up there and I was going to see the place where my mother was born and grew up.
It was super interesting for me to go there and I had some amazing three weeks. My trip was both filled with lots of emotions for me, adventure, danger, excitement but also a sense of complete calm.


It was also very special for me because I got to meet the mother of the girl I was named after (The old lady). I really cannot describe that, but it was so emotional and she accepted me instantly. At one point I thought she might have tried to adopt me, hahah. I also got a necklace that belonged to her daughter and even though my mother has explained to me why a gazillion times it still feels a bit surreal to me and I do not understand it, because I do not feel like I am that special. I am just a regular girl trying to get by in this world. So yeah.

Another person I was really nervous about meeting, but also very excited to was my nephew (the little boy in the picture). He is the sweetest kid in the world and even though we speak different languages, we still managed to communicate and he seemed to really like me. Mom says that he still asks about me.


Now, while this trip was a lot of fun and very emotional, there was also some adventure and danger involved. I got to hang out with one of my best friends in the world who lives in Nuuk. She and her father took my mother and I on a little fishing trip, which was super nice and lots of fun. I did also catch a few codfish. That may not sound like a big achievement, but you see. I am actually pretty damn scared of fish as well, so pulling them out of the water and onto the boat was quite the task for me.

Anyway the weather was stunning! The sun was shining and everything went well right up until we turned the boat and went home. About half way the boat started taking water in. Not a lot to begin with, so we did not take much notice of it, but all of a sudden it came faster and before we knew it we had water up to our ankles and it kept rising.
We made it almost all the way to the beach before we hit rocks and we had to rush and jump to land from the boat. By then the waves had got fairly big because it had got pretty windy as well, so the boat was rocking a lot. I was the third person to jump and I did amazingly until my feet hit land and I lost my balance.
It was so surreal and I truly know what slow motion feels like now. Falling backwards into that ice cold water between rocks and boat was terrifying and I did think that I was going to die. Luckily someone on shore managed to get a hold of my coat and helped pulling me back up.
No one was hurt. We were all just in shock, which is a good thing.
While that experience was terrifying and also my first near death experience, it also made the whole trip a little more interesting, so it ended well.


I could honestly go on forever about this trip, but I think that I will keep it at this and just end by saying that, my trip to Greenland has hands down been the best trip of my life and I cannot wait to go there again. Hopefully during Christmas this time! So I can see the Northern Lights and play in lots and lots of snow! (I love snow)


What is the best trip of your life?
Tell me in the comments!




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