These days I am usually using my school bag which contains my laptop, pens, paper and various school books, depending on the day. However, outside of school I have a smaller bag that I tend to carry around with me everywhere, because how else should I transport all my stuff around?

So what is in it?


Well for starters, I would like to say that I really love this bag. Not only because it was given to me by my mother, but also because it has the right size for me since I do not carry that much stuff around.

In my bag I always have:

The book I am currently reading –  In this case, Gerald’s Game by Stephen King. I have read this book before, but I loved it so I am reading it again, because why not, right? One can never read a book too many times.

My passport – These days carrying your passport around is a very good idea, since we live in a world where you could need to show your ID at any time.

Sunglasses – I am not always carrying sunglasses around, but now that summer has come around they will be there as well.

A notebook – I am not the greatest writer in the world, but sometimes I do get an idea and I find it very helpful that I can write it down so that I can look at it later on and while I love that I can write stuff down on my phone as well, I always tend to go back to actual paper.

Hand cream – I get dry hands very easily, so I always have my hand cream with me. I bought this one on my very first trip to Berlin and it is amazing. It smells awesome and it works like a charm. I have now also found out that I can buy it here as well, so that makes my life a whole lot easier, hahah.

Lip balm – Same deal as with the hand cream. I get dry lips easily, so having a lip balm is a must. I am usually using Baby Lips though, but I ran out so this is the one I am currently using.

Headset – I cannot live without having music in my ears, so of course I always have my headset with me.

Card holder – I hate to carry cash around and always use my credit card, so of course I have my card holder with me as well. It also contains my health insurance card, blood and stem cell donor cards, my student card, my EU-Health insurance card and my Nem-ID.

Phone – Last but not least, there is my phone. It is not in the picture since I used the camera to take the picture, but I have a white Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge and I gotta say that I cannot go anywhere without it. But who can these days? Our entire lives are pretty much on our phones and computers, which I sometimes find a little sad, but that is just how it is.

So that is it guys. A sneak peak into my bag. What did you think? Do you carry some of the same stuff in your bag? Did any of the content surprise you?

Let me know!




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