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I have many fears and some of them are quite frankly very silly, but something that I cannot help. My biggest fear is dying. I suffer a severe case of fear of death. It is not as bad as it was when I was younger. Back then I could be sitting around just minding my own business and all of a sudden pictures would start popping up in my head and they were not pleasant at all. It would typically be pictures of myself dying in various different ways and it terrified me. It still does. Today I don’t get those pictures in my head as much anymore, but it does happen.


Picture courtesy of Google Images.

Another fear of mine is butterflies. It is probably one of my more silly fears, but it is a fear nonetheless. While I think that butterflies are beautiful creatures, I still cannot stand them and as silly as it sounds; if one comes anywhere near me I flip out and either run away or start walking in circles until it flies away.

What are you afraid of?





2 thoughts on “What am I afraid of?

  1. Ok so if this is too personal ignore. But I was curious about the death fear. I was wondering if it was the fear of the actual death or what comes after. I used to have random panic in which I would wake up in the middle of the night crying and just saying I don’t want to die I’m not ready to die. It wasn’t pain or the thought of physically dying but what comes after and what I would be leaving behind. I no longer have those fears. I have found a place of peace in both my life and death to come. But I’m curious because depending on the type of fear you may be able to overcome!


    1. Not too personal at all 🙂 I write these things because I want to share them and I’m only happy when people get curious and actually comments on here.
      Honestly I’m not entirely sure what it is that terrifies me so much. I have a feeling that it’s all of it. Both dying and what comes after.


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